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Companion & Sensual Massage

​First...this is not a Spammer Website. Clicking anything on this site will not lead you down the rabbit hole, with more links to more sites...etc. I ask nothing of you on this site. You do not have to enter your CC info to verify yourself !! (you are crazy if you enter your CC info because a girl says she needs it in order to see you!!! ) There is a contact form at the bottom of my site. It is only another means of contacting me. I also have my email and phone number posted. Which means your choose to contact YOUR choice.

I delete all messages DAILY, so no info will be saved. There will be no transaction history saved. I respect your need for privacy. Please respect mine as well. Properly delete my messages after you see me, so that significant others will not see our old communications !!


We all want the same things !! Connection, to be safe in the process !!

You see different girls all of the time. You keep looking thru the ads week after week and seeing different girls, but most seem to rush you in and out, leaving you with no fond memories or desires to return. Know that there are girls out there that  want long term connections, friendships with no strings !!

If you can come to me with an open mind about this, we may make that intimate connection that you are looking for. I have a different philosophy about companionship than most other girls. By choice, I'm a low volume provider, I do not want to see a string of different men all the time. I prefer my regulars, I see often and with each visit we know each others likes and dislikes so well, that play time is intimate, fun and passionate.

I believe in building on our relationship. I love making connections, both mental and physical. Building on a solid foundation will make for so much more intimacy and fullfilment in the dates to come. I prefer that each encounter be unrushed and relaxing. I know that you have a busy schedule, but really try to set aside some time for yourself. Lets enjoy our time together.

No Men under 30
Light Screening Required

When you come to see me, I do insist on 10 minutes (at least) of couch time !! What is that ? Well, we will sit and chat. Get to know each other. I want to know what makes you tick, what brings you to me, what you are looking for in a temporary companion !!

How can a girl make a connection with you, if you don't arm her with the proper information.

Couch time is about YOU. Share what you want, keep private the things you are not ready to share. This time is not about me prying into your life, its about us getting to know each other.

If you are shy and slow to open up, I'm an extrovert so couch time will help loosen you up and I will make you comfortable with opening up to me.

Exception to this couch time requirement is the "Quickie" guy. I do HH sessions, although its not a preference. No real connections can be made in 30 minute meetings !!! If you think otherwise, you are delusional. You just want your needs met and there is nothing wrong with that, but you can't complain how the girl didn't "fit" you or didnt connect with you well !!!

I'm a latina female based in Philly. I'm 38 years old. I'm 5'5" and weigh about 150. I'm a healthy girl  with a curvy body type, so if you like the boney butt girls, then I'm probably not your type. I do have some meat on my butt, so if you like some thing to grab on to whilst in the throws of passion, well....then I think we will fit nicely !!

No matter your age, nationality, individual tastes and the little things that turn you on I'm sure I'll be able to satisfy. I'm a flexible girl and skilled at entertaining, it just comes with experience and natural intuition of reading a man's needs. You just need to learn to express yourself and talk to me about it. This is something that might take time to achieve but if we both put the effort in, it will pay off in the end !

Please note, conversations about your likes and dislikes are done in person, during couch time. Do not text or email me with this to bypass couch time !!  If you are too explicit in emails or on the phone with me, I may have to block you. I need polite communications with no illicit subjects. This site should answer all your questions.

If you do what you've always done, you get what you've always gotten !! Try it differently this time. Do not rush in and out, because I'm not pushing for this. Lets slow the pace and enjoy the moment !!

This is a no-strings-attached interlude. You are safe in my hands. Most of my friends have been married (or in long term relationships) for years and years. After awhile, the first thing that goes is the intimacy and affection and the s**x. It just happens !!

You still love her, but there are basic needs that a man needs fulfilled !! There's no shame in it !! The right girl can help meet those needs and let you walk out the door and back to your life !! and still be there for you when you are ready to release some stress again.

The perfect private escape !!

I do a light screening of anyone that wants to come see me. I keep it as minimally invasive as possibly. I know there are shadey girls out there and you need to protect yourself, so I suggest you do some research on me so that you are comfortable with seeing me. I'm Google-able !! Search any of my contact info in my posting and you will see a long history of me in this area. I'm legit and have always respected the privacy and need for discretion of all my gentleman callers.

I'm not real big on menus, so I'll try to keep this as simple as possible.

Yes, I am a full companion, however I do have safe practices, so although I consider this a girlfriend experience, its all protected. You will not be catching any awful diseases from me and vice versa. Guys  get caught by their spouses when they come home with an STD !! Remember that !

I do like kissing, but really never promise it in advance. This really depends on our connection and sometimes it takes more than just one visit to make that full connection.  Also, a  breathe mint may help sway me !! Yes, a man with minty fresh breathe and the after shower soapy smell is a real turn on for me !!

I also give amazing tantric body massages. I'm well trained and it is one of my passions. Really, I just like touching a man's body, but I'm trained at being thorough and my touches are said to be magical. I blend massage techniques with the feathery tantric touches of the Eastern Arts ! Mutual Touch is allowed and Reverse Massage Time is Allowed.

You can come for a Full Body Tantric Body Rub Session or an E-scort Session or do the best of both worlds....The COMBO Session.

Regardless of your choice, all sessions with me will be spectacular. I want you to have a memorable time....a fun time... a relaxing time !! I want you to come see me again and again. I also take constructive criticism well, so always feel free to share your thoughts with me. I know there is always room for improvement in everything we do and I am not a narcissist that won't accept feedback !!

Below is a contact form to let me know when you would like to come see me !! This info is deleted daily. Its only a means to contact me.

If you prefer, you can reach me directly via email or thru the number posted. Text is preferred

I do provide an incall location for our date, however I can offer Outcall Service, if you are not too far away. My incall will be near Tinicum Township (near the Philly Airport)

My Hours are typically Mon to Friday, but I occasionally work outside those days, so just ask if need a different day. I can take early morning appts and late night appts, if you schedule in advance.

Yes, I do offer an HH session. With quickies there is not a lot of time to make an intimate connection. It will meet your needs, but I cant imagine you leaving with last memories.

Tantric Massage Only

HH = 140

1.0 hr - 200

1.5 hr - 250

2.0 hr - 300

E-scort or COMBO

HH - 180

1.0 hr - 280

1.5 hr - 360

2.0hr - 440

With Outcalls, there will be a surcharge which amount depends on your location and distance from me.

Fill out the contact form below and lets plan  our get together




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